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Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Few of the most exciting things about Mexicans is, their Food and Music. However Mexican food is far more varied then what people think. It is colorful, delightful, and pleasing to both, the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Well, talking about these colorful cuisines, very few outlets in Mumbai bring about the authenticity of a particular cuisine and Xico- The Hottest Mexican Kitchen being one of them does live up to the Mexican authenticity. A casual dining restro-bar and Meso-Americans style of cooking Spanish dish, this hottest kitchen offers fun, with their multicolored and Vibrant ambiance.

Located on the ground tier of Oasis City in Lower Parel, The Kitchen brings about its vibe in every way, right from the ambiance to the decor of the bar and to a very well curated menu. Kudos to the Head Chef Jason and the wonderful staff here.

The very first thing to our service by our server’s insistence was the, Guacamole. A table side presentation dish, consisting of dip made from finely crushed Avocado further mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes chilies and different sauces served along with crispy nachos . A highly recommended dish at the Kitchen.

Next on to the list was the Carbon, accompanied by tortillas with grilled chicken, topped with fresh tomatoes, salsa, further mixed with cheese and pico-de-gallo. The unique trait of these tortillas were their soft texture instead of the crunchy ones that we usually devour.

The Carbon.

Pollo Burrito Bowl took the place of the main course. The kitchen serves burritos both constructed as well as non constructed (in a bowl). Bowl charged with re-fried black beans, green rice, mix cheese, al-carbon marinated pollo along with salsa fresca and pico-de-gallo, making it altogether a luscious dish. Highly recommended.

Pollo Burrito Bowl.

For the desserts we had the Pastel Tres Leches. Vanilla sponge soaked in three different milk flavors finished with strawberry compote, whipped cream and roasted almonds garnished with mint leaves, a true delight.

Pastel Tres Leches.

I must say we had a pretty amazing experience here considering the quick and commendable service we had here by the lovely staff who not only helped us with the menu but also made sure we had some good traditional infamous Mexican dishes. I would definitely recommend this place for all those who want to savor some exclusive Mexican cuisine!


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