Veranda (Bandra).

‘Veranda’, a word that originated in India and taken up by the British, literally translates to a long , open room with a roof over ,basically a corridor. In the hustle and bustle of this city life, is an outlet whose central idea revolves around the word after which it has been named – Veranda.

The theme of the outlet lies in the history of the word Veranda and to co-relate they serve traditional Indian dishes with artistic European plating. Along with such inventive food they also have beautiful paintings adorned on the walls of the restaurant that are replaced every week thus making it a restaurant-cum-art exhibition. The ‘Late Night Jazz’ is an added aura that was recently started allowing the ever busy crowd of the city to enjoy some good music. The ambience of is the place is very inviting. With a spacious interior and graceful designing, they actually have a large roof over space to stick to their theme which is illuminated with ample amount of sunlight during the day. All these minute detailing and décor give an extravagant look to the entire place.

The food here was mind blowing I must say . From the mocktails, to the appetizers and desserts. We started off by ordering their recommended Mocktails :

Moving on to the Appetizers which by the way were just amazing , most of them being ones that I’d definitely recommend.

Dhaba Chicken Platter

The Dhaba Chicken Platter consisted of Pudina, Kashmiri red Chilli , zafrani chicken tikka , ranch dressing with onion, tomato and capsicum salad. I’d highly recommend ordering this dish! The chicken was perfectly cooked and the rightly marinated .

Lamb Seekh Kebabs

Lamb Seekh Kebab was a delight I must say. Soft minced lamb marinated with lime, coriander and cumin, with onion , tomato and capsicum salad went well in taste when savored with the dips served along with it .

Masala Prawns

Masala Prawns without a doubt were superb in terms of taste. The succulent prawns were tossed in Indian masala thus giving it the desi tadka also making it a recommended appetizer!

Tandoori Prawns

Tandoori Prawns were yet again delectable to the palate especially along with the fenugreek hollandaise and mint sauce.

Crab Cakes , signature cakes of Veranda were made up of crab meat, chopped prawn, galangal, soy and served with chilli sauce. Lovely presentation and probably a dish for all the crab lovers out there.
Crab Cake

Crab Cakes , signature cakes of Veranda were made up of crab meat, chopped prawn, galangal, soy and served with chilli sauce. Lovely presentation and probably a dish for all the crab lovers out there.

M.F Hufish

M.F Hufish is one fish dish I would highly recommend. This Kasundi mustard fish was lovely in terms of taste especially because of the panko crumb on it and tartar sauce.

We then moved onto the Main course :

Mario Goan Miranda

For the main course meal we tried the Mario Goan Miranda. The name gives away the origin of the dish. Beautifully presented with such intricate detailing , the Goan Pomfret curry cooked in red chillies and coconut curry was poured on the butter thyme rice which was also complemented by tiny crispy potato cubes and onion rings. Delicious indeed!

The most interesting part of any meal are the Desserts.

Gulukhand Choco Bar

Gulukhand Choco bar was such an elegant looking dessert topped with fennel powder and silver coated betel nuts . The chocolate was soft and gooey but toothsome.

Masala Chai Kulfi

Masala Chai Kulfi wasn’t all too good probably because the white and dark chocolate soil, chicki and ice cream didn’t blend well.

White Chocolate Tortino

White Chocolate Tortino was by the one of the best desserts I have had. The warm white chocolatey goodness is a small cake with moist, liquid white chocolate that flows out as you punch into it for a bite. Credited it with aam panna gel and chocolate ice cream , this dessert is definitely your palate needs to try. Highly recommended!

To sum it all up, everything served was mouth-watering and yummy with distinct flavors. The ‘Late night Jazz’ events organized on the weekends for now, are free of cost and is open to anybody and everybody. A great place for youngsters to drop by for some leisure musical time.

Veranda is a lovely outlet and a must visit. The service here was great with the staff being of utmost help. We were glad to have come over and will look forward to coming back soon!


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