TYGR-Thai version of Farzi Café

I have always been awestruck and blown away by the concepts of food and restaurants furnished by Chef Zorawar Kalra. As a child and even today, Master Chef happens to be one of my favourite shows to binge watch. Watching Chef Zorawar carry out his skills with utmost precision, focus and a calm mind is not only inspiring but it goes to show the mastery he has. Launching some of the finest outlets here in Mumbai, Cher Zorawar has given to us foodies yet another biggie to surprise our palates by the opening of TYGR, a modern Thai Bar and Grill Restaurant. A key feature of his restaurants is bridging the gap between world cuisines and reinventing dishes like no other, simultaneously keeping in mind the likes of the masses here in India.

Interior at TYGR

At TYGR, located in Lower Parel, the classy and magnificent bar is the first thing that will grab your attention. The interior is wonderfully spacious with the seating being accurately planned. Every element from the lights to the wall paintings and the plants show how much attention to detail has been given.

The well curated menu is an implication of finesse. The dishes speak for themselves alongside the heavenly cocktails and mocktails reflecting their Thai flavor but with a modern twist. Starting off our meal by some of the most delectable and flavorful dishes, my favourites amongst the lot was the Soft Shell Crab Salad and if you are a fan of trying crabs then this must be a dish you try along with the Fennel Tiger prawns that was beautifully cooked and presented. The spiced crab shells and veggies were a perfect combination raising the level of this dish. Other dishes in the lot included thin sliced and well cooked Scallop Carpaccio, Distended Chicken Nam Prik Pao batter fried in a sweet-spicy sauce, Sea Bass Ceviche which was a flavourful tart filled with fresh coriander, red chilli, lemon juice and onions making it a fabulous appetizer and the Phetchaburi Grilled crab. As we progressed onto the main course, I was amazed by the simplicity of the dishes but regardless to say they were exquisite. A traditional Jasmine rice, green curry and pad thai noodles was just perfect and totally hit the right spot on the palate. To end this fabulous meal we were served with chocolate fudge and berry ice cream, delicious and just the right potion after such a wonderful filling meal.

By the end of the afternoon, I was in la la land carried away by the magnitude of finesse portrayed by every dish served. The staff at TYGR were the most courteous and provided the best service we could have asked for. TYGR has opened big and it’s time you foodies out there try out this lovely product of Chef Zorawar Kalra and his team. A highly recommended place for fine dining.


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