The traditional pub of Ireland- the Irish House. Bandra.

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Water scarcity is a real problem with manageable solutions, but the solution taken up by The Irish House is quite quirky. The house works on a simple principle of saving water, “Save Water, Drink Beer”. Following this simple moto the house has been serving to Mumbaikars, for quite a while now with over nine different out lets located in each corners of Mumbai. A quaint house, with the shade of Vintage interiors, classy clocks and well written pictures adorned on the walls, this house surpasses all the other houses in Mumbai. Located in the heart of Bandra Pali Hill Naka, the house is occupied with polished finished wooden tables surrounded with long and small chairs around. The Beer bottle playing a major role in their ambience, show cased the traditional Pub back in those days of Ireland.

The house has quite a good option to choose from, with wide varieties of Beers, Cocktails and topping all is the food, thereby leading to a very well curated menu and maintaining the balanced between the food and the drinks.

So without any further delay, let’s talk about the food. We sat on a long chair of the cafeteria and the first thing that was brought to our service was,

The Tangerine Mojito.

A concuction of fresh lime juice and orange juice with the refreshment of mint to it. This Urban drink was indeed a my type of glass. Further on the recommendation of the beautiful staff we also had, the Green Appetini.

The Green Appetini.

Martine glass packed with the fusion of green apple extract, orange juice, pine apple juice and with the freshmen of lime juice, a truly an extraordinary drink, that leaves a band on the taste buds.


Smoky BBQ Chicken Sliders.

Smoked chicken sausage tossed in Chef’s special BBQ sauce and further sandwiched between two mini buns, beautifully presented and an incredible taste in the end. Something that is listed in a Highly Recommended ones.

Cheese Burst Chicken.

Crispy fried chicken pop with a cheese burst, was finger licking amazing. Served along with salted french-fries, this was again a highly Recommended dish.

Original Chicken Wings.

Certainly not, as it was expected. Quite fair dish nothing to brag about. Deep fried wings served french-fries and homemade sauce.


Grilled Siracha Chicken Bowl.

Grilled Siracha Chicken Bowl took the place in the main course, with four hot and spicy grilled chicken pieces served along with sweet apple order rice and char grilled broccoli, this dish was beyond my expectation level. Highly recommended.

Duel Chocolate Tarte.

Duel Chocolate Tarte was opted for the dessert and honestly the best part of the entire meal, white chocolate mousse sandwiched between dark chocolate mousse and cookie crumbled loaded with loads of chocolate syrup gave an end to a perfect meal. Overall, the experience was not less than an adventure, and this would have not possible without the staff, who took good care with some real quick service. Kudos to the Manager Shri Niwas. Keep it up.

Timing:-  12 Noon to 1am.

Price Range:- 1,900 for two people (approx.) with alcohol.

Ratings:- 4.5/5


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