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The Blueberry Milkshake.

How about enduring the flavor of glow in a dark cone or relishing the taste of a beautifully designed and a well executed milkshake and cooler? This outlet named The Chimney factory is all set to serve you some of the best chimney cones in town. Located on the street of Bandra Pali Hill near Gold’s gym, the Chimney Factory showcases around 22 different flavorful sweet cones and seven types of savoury cones.A Few worth the mention are the Paneer Bhurji, the humus and many more. The glow in the dark, which is found only here and no where else in India is the USP of this factory. The Red velvet cones, scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with red velvet sprinkles, was an absolute delight to the tastes bud.

Moving further on to the recommendation of the owner Mr. Dhawal himself who has a great charisma I must say, we decided to go with the Blueberry Milkshake and to be very honest it was worth it all. A delight to the palate!

Currently being a newbie, Chimney Factory is the talk of the Town and if you are looking for something new and exciting to savor on then this is the place you must drop by! Courteous and welcoming staff, quick service and great food! It's a package in itself.


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