the Bombay Fries. Chembur.

The evolution of French fries is quite fascinating. I remember as a kid the only dip with fries would have been tomato ketchup or mayonnaise to some extent. Since I love keeping things original, salted fries have always been my personal favourite. Today, savouring fries has been taken to whole new level and might I add, it amazes me that now there are varieties of fries available from dips to different flavours. You name it. A few joints have brought this concept out to the public and one such outlet happens to be Bombay Fries that has recently opened yet another outlet of it in Chembur. Serving some of the best fries in town, this outlet is spacious with an attractive ambience.

The Oreo Shake

The menu is so extraordinarily diverse with loads of fries , it makes you ponder over their creativity. Moreover the quantity they serve is really filling. I tried out their Chilli Cheese Fries where the fries were toppled with spicy sauce and cheese and what a combo it was! Yes it did set my palate on fire but it was delicious enough to drown you in its magnificence. There are plenty more some of which include Tandoori cheese, nacho fries, chipotle cheese fries and even Nutella fries! I also tried out their cold coffee which was soothing to my burning palate. Their oreo shake was lovely and really enjoyable.

The staff here were courteous and quick at service. Whether or not you are a fan of French fries, I’d recommend ya’ll to drop by Bombay Fries and try out their delicious menu because hey! At Bombay Fries, their fries are a ‘bomb’ and ‘bae’!


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