Pancakes are an absolute delight that your hungry soul can savour at any time of the day from breakfast to just day time snacks. This effortless, quick flat and fluffy cake can be cooked as per your choice whether you like miniatures or full fledged round ones. Personally speaking, I find pancakes to be one of the most delectable snacks since you can also prepare them depending on ingredients you would like to incorporate . For instance you could try making chocolate pancakes to cinnamon ones or just keep it plain with a classic topping. So why the wait? Lets get straight into the making of some hot chocolate pancakes.

Serves : 6


1. 1 cup Flour.

2. 2 Tablespoon Sugar.

3. ½ Teaspoon Salt.

4. 1 Tablespoon Baking Powder.

5. ¼ cup Cocoa powder ( 30g approx.)

6. Chocolate chunks (dark chocolate if preferable).

7. Finely chopped chocolate.

8. 1 egg.

9. 1 cup warm milk.

10. ½ Teaspoon vanilla essence.

11. ½ Tablespoon melted butter.


1. Castor sugar (for icing)

2. Strawberries/ raspberries.


1. Take 2 bowls to and separate out the wet and dry ingredients

2. In one bowl add flour, sugar, salt , baking powder (for fluffiness) , cocoa powder and sift them all. Whisk the ingredients well (DRY ingredients)

3. In another bowl mix egg, warm milk, melted butter, vanilla essence. Beat the mixture.

4. Add the dry ingredients to the beat mixture along with finely chopped chocolate in adequate proportions. Mix the batter until proper consistency is achieved and leave it for 5 minutes.

[ Note: Do NOT beat this mixture as this can cause hardening of the pancakes]

5. Cover the non-stick pan lightly with melted butter

6. Add ¼ cup of batter and allow to cook. When bubbles appear on the top flip the pancake over . [Note: Each side takes approx. 1 minute to cook]

7. Remove the pancakes when done.

8. In a sauce pan, melt the chocolate chunks until a smooth , thin mixture is obtained. You chocolate sauce is now ready [Note: You can also use chocolate syrup that is readily available at any store]

9. Place your pancakes just the way you like it. Drizzle some chocolate syrup and icing . Lastly top it with delicious strawberries or raspberries



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