Oh Fudge!

Oh Fudge! Completely suffices the saying that goes ‘big things come in small packages’. Why you might wonder? Well because this tiny but profound looking outlet has a magnitude of dessert flavors from nutty ones to otherwise. From the look of it, experimenting with flavors is their forte. Now emerging as a brand in itself, what started off as a mere home kitchen , Oh Fudge has 7 outlets running successfully over Mumbai.

The outlet has a good number of best sellers with Chocolate Hazelnut fudge topping the list. For the coffee goers out there the Chocolate and Coffee fudge is the fudge designed for us! Yup, coffee is totally a go-to for me. Dark Chocolate just speaks of elegance and their sundaes in combination with sea salt are definitely to be savoured. If you enjoy some chilling ice cream then Dark Chocolate cone should be your thing . Speaking of their roasted Almond shake, it was my favourite out of the lot. Oh Fudge also has a collection of finger and Jumbo jars if you wish to surprise your loved ones with some delectable goodies. Did I add? They also make home deliveries so kudos to that!

The staff here are of great help and help you choose from the variety of flavours to suit your palate. Rest assured, everything is freshly and quickly prepared and worth it all. Oh not to forget their sticky note corner where you could leave a note about your experience here. Hop along foodies and enjoy a roller coaster of flavours at your nearest Oh Fudge! Outlet.


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