Neo's. (kurla)

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

A high-end pub and a gastro-bar located on the first floor of Phoenix Market City Kurla, Neo’s, is a single example that a club too can serve luscious food apart from drinks, thereby breaking the myths.

This high end bar has a beautiful ambiance very well decorated with rain-chain, perfectly lit with neon colored dim lights. Further adding more to it, Neo’s makes sure their patrons are entertained with real good quality loud music and theatrical smoke and fog on the dance floor which is something that captivated me.

Neo’s is remarkably outstanding in terms of the quality of food, vast array of drinks, and an on point service. So without  further delay let’s talk about the food  served to us.

The Bartender welcomed us with a refreshing Mocktail called the Orange Mojito, a drink consisting of chilled soda with orange syrup along with fresh mint leaves, thereby refreshing our mood for a perfect meal that was  on the way.

The Murg Kastoori Seekh.

The very first cuisine served was, The Murg Kastoori Seekh.

The best seekh I have ever had, minced chicken coated with spicy garam masala, further coated with Kastoori meethi aroma and served along with green chutney leaves was bang on, on our taste buds. Highly Recommended.

Peri Peri grilled Chicken.

Next to the table were grilled Prawns,  Peri Peri grilled Chicken in skewer style served along with a cheese dip, which was the best part here. The spicy prawns when combined with little sweet cheese dip that gave it the best taste ever.

Bharwan Tangdi Kebabs.

Bharwan Tangdi Kebabs, huge chicken drumsticks with spiced chicken kheema, further roasted in tandoori was the best part of the entire meal and trust me when I say that the drumsticks were really huge! Indeed a highly recommended dish to have here.

Classic fish and chips was the last appetizer we had here. Beer battered fish served along with potato wedges and tartar sauce was an adequate dish but not something to brag about here.

Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream.

Lastly for the desserts, we had the Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream, soft walnut brownie topped with vanilla ice-cream, further served along with chocolate syrup. Indeed an amazing dessert here.

Truly appreciate the staff at Neo's for their constant on the go service and suggestions in providing to us the best we could have asked for. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit here thanks to the tremendous vibes the outlet radiates. Will definitely come back soon and until then this is for all you out there, Neo's is a definite must visit for those who want to enjoy some smashing night parties or hang out with friends.


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