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Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Churchgate, more famously known as ‘Town’ is another hub for foodies. Known for its primordial buildings housing some of the well known old cafes, this place has been emerging on all grounds whether it is in terms of commercial or business grounds, tourists attractions and food outlets. One of the most appealing outlets I find here is the Mockingbird Café Bar. It has a lovely greenery filled entrance that sets your mood right away. What captivated me further was the interior and its elements. Interestingly the walls were adorned with some ambiguous quotes and phrases of literature, many of which will leave you pondering over the depth of it. Apart from the mini bar set aside with rows of fancy bottled drinks, Mockingbird café has recently paved way for a new concept ‘Die or Dice’.

This concept allows its patrons to get themselves involved in various games that range over board games to mind games and much more. Their game menu is quite gripping since it has some crazy assorted games categorized into ‘Tipsy games’ which include my favorite tic-tac-toe, drinking Ludo , ‘A minute to win it’ has some interesting stuff like flip cup, straw lover and a dozen more. The catch here lies for those who love to drink. The menu offers a combined alcohol and games offer letting you enjoy two things in one. Yet another concept that intrigued me was their massive book shelf that was neatly places looking no less than a library. It is rightly said ‘ A room without books is like a body without a soul’ because come to think of it all these detailing in the mini elements is what makes the outlet stand out from the rest! Speaking of food, regardless of the other amazing dishes they serve, their pizzas are something I would certainly recommend. Mockingbird café has some delicious food servings and without further ado lets move on to the food we tried.

We started off with our lunch opting for Romano - Cajun Chicken Pizza which was amongst their many new varieties for the on going Pizza fest. The pizza consisted of Cajun marinated chicken, red onions and corn. The adequate amount of cheese and the level of spice was accurately palatable. I generally do not fancy thin crusts but this was definitely worth the try! I relished it till the end.

The Flaming Dome Pizza.

The Flaming Dome was yet another highlight of their pizza fest. This consisted of wild mushrooms, truffle oil, Parmesan shavings that was served along with house salad.

Chilly Garlic Prawns

Chilly garlic prawns with wasabi mayonnaise is one perfect appetizer especially if you are fond of prawns. To add a cherry on the cake, well you'll be amazed at the quantity of prawns they serve, entirely tummy filling!

Infusion of Cranberry.

As mentioned earlier, crediting their mini bar, their Mocktails are wonderful as well. We tried out the Summery melon which had an infusion of cranberry, apple and lime along with fresh melon. A perfect blend on a sunny day. The Ping Pong was yet another absorbingly delicious mocktail, light on the tummy and refreshing! 

Crunchy Fried Chicken.

Their mains include pastas, spaghetti some whole meat dishes ranging from Chicken to even lamb. We opted for Crunchy fried chicken with potato wedges, slaw and homemade barbecue mayo. I wouldn't speak highly of the dish because by the sound of it, I expected more of it. The chicken sort of had an off flavor and the slaw didn't quite work for me.

Blueberry Cheesecake.

The desserts were fantastic I must add especially the Blueberry Cheesecake. In all honesty, I personally am not a fan of blueberry but this cheese cake had just the right amount of texture and softness and wasn't over done at all especially in terms of the sweetness. This is one dessert highly recommended from my side!

The slutty Brownie.

The Slutty Brownie with ice cream was tremendously sweet and filling but quite a dessert you would want to try out. 

The staff here were of great help. If you do happen to visit this place, which you definitely should, then you must know that the games here are a highlight and must be enjoyed with their delicious servings!


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