Mango Falooda.

Mango Falooda.

The mango season is right here, so before the season ends, indulge in this rich dessert prepared with Mango, Milk, Falooda Seed and sev, known as the Mango Falooda. Here's how you can prepare this luscious beverage.


2 cups Milk.

2 tbs Soaked Falooda Seeds.

2 tbs Soaked Falooda Sev.

2 Scoops Mango Ice Crream.

1 Cup of Mango pure.

4 tbs Sugar.

2 Mangoes chopped into cubes.

10 sliced Almond.

10 sliced Pistachios.


1. Bring the milk to the boiling point and continue boiling till it become thick with good texture. 2. Turn off the heat and add 2 tbs Sugar in it and allow it to cool down.3. Blend the mango pure and add 2 tbs sugar and refrigerate until you use.4. Take a glass, add 2 tbs soaked falooda seeds, 2 tbs soaked falooda sev, followed by the mango pure and chilled Milk.5. Add 10 sliced Almond and 10 sliced Pistachios. Mix it.6. Finally add Mango Ice cream and few Chopped Mango Cubes for garnishing.7. Serve immediately.

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