Khane ka hai yeh JALWA!

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

JLWA’ is a Hindi word that literally translates to a splendor, display or ‘show’. A splendid outlet located at Linking Road Bandra, JLWA is centered around presenting some of the best and innovative flavors of Modern Indian and European cuisine. With a humongous seating, this classy outlet boasts of its glamorously expanded bar area with a variety of drinks shelved magnificently on an entire wall of the outlet giving the whole place a lavish look. To add to it they also have a high-ceiling ,capacious and royalty like seating with such elegant looking chairs and tables giving justice to the name JLWA. The quality and presentation of the food takes the outlet to an extraordinary level thus also making it one of the best places to party at with friends, family , colleagues and for those who, like me have a temperament of a foodie. At JLWA the dishes are segregated for both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians along with an exclusive menu just for drinks. Well larger the bar , more the drinks , happier the patrons? Amongst their Drinks Menu ,they have types of classic cocktails, JLWA innovations , sparkling cocktails, beer, whisky and the list can go on. They also have a Non-Alcoholic Section for the preferred ones. To start off with we first tried out their Mocktails

Mango Mule

A mango puree mixed with fresh lime, cucumber juice, honey , ginger ale had quite a decent taste. The catch here was the drink being served in a copper mug giving a very desi vibe to it.

Orange Punch

Fresh orange along with kaffir lime, vanilla syrup and orange soda was served in a glass jar. For those trying out a good number of dishes, this is a mocktail giving credits to the taste as well as how light it is on the tummy.

Naga Jolokhia Tandoori Wings

The spiciest but the tastiest wings I have had in a while. Totally left a marvelous North Indian flavor on the palate! Highly recommended. Watch out for the ‘theekapan!’


One of their best dishes , customers get to choose from paneer, chicken or seafood bowl. I tried out the chicken bowl and I must say it was impressive with regards to the crisp and taste. Highly recommended.

Tandoori Makhane Popcorn

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Their Main course has some mouth watering dishes, from butter chicken to biryani. We chose the Murgh Chor which was basically a Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani served in a clay pot in an ample quantity. Their infamous bhagara baingan sauce and burhani raita made the biryani even move appetizing! Not to forget they also have a huge heart serving a good number of chicken pieces .

Textures of Chocolate

Our favorite chocolate brownie having a perfectly soft texture was topped with a dark chocolate sphere, that by the way was extremely hard to break and savor and to compliment it they had some bitter chocolate mousse. I felt like this dessert brought out the culmination of three desserts. Oh and the crumble here was an added credit! Recommended. Overall, this is a party sprawling place where you can enjoy during the day and also the evenings. It easy location makes it all the more accessible . A must try for everyone out there!


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