Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Adding another top notch to the Kamala Mill’s fancy outlets is this outlet named “Kaama”. A splendid outlet located on the second floor of Kamala Mill, it makes you lose yourself to the atmosphere that the outlet houses. With humongous seating available the outlet boasts its DJ area and it’s Bar area available with enormous amount and variety of drinks to choose from. Housing small and large tables, the outlet has a different section both for dinning as well as Sheesha . The centre area is the dining area and is quite spacious with good amount of seating available, comfortable enough to enjoy the scrumptious dishes, with installed TV for entertainment. While the sheesha area is comparatively smaller and has a wonderful window view . It is quite a huge place, to be honest

Moving directly on to the food we had, Kaama’s menu is the combination of exotic with the Indian cuisines. Here’s a brief introduction of the same.

The Vegetarian Platter. The Veg Platter consisted of Dahi ke kebabs, Amritsar Tikki, Succulent Samosas, Chargrilled Portobello Mushrooms, and Zesty cottage cheese. Dahi ke kebabs were the the kebabs with curd filling inside, while the succulent samosas were roasted chilly stuffed with goat cheese samosa.Besides the platter also consisted of, Mushroom Baklava. Very thin and crispy puff pastry filled with baked mushrooms, the lightest and very luscious appetizer at Kaama. Galauti Kebabs. Succulent Rajma galauti presented on Ultra Tawa Paratha with green chutney foam, tastes completely like the normal galauti. Highly Recommended.

The Vegetarian Platter.

The Non-Vegetarian Platter. The non-vegetarian platter consisted of three different types of chicken dishes, the Chicken tikka, Chicken Kafreal and Chicken Kalimeri. All the dishes mentioned were soft and succulent chicken tender with quite good taste. However the dish I personally like the most is the Chicken Kafreal and chicken Kalimeri, the adequate amount of juiciness and the spicyness, makes it a Highly recommended dish indeed. The Non-vegetarian platter also consisted of The Fish Tikka. Fish tikka perfectly cooked and well balanced taste quite spicy, very well presented and was indeed a lips smacking dish .Highly Recommended. The Goan style Prawns. Okay, honestly this dish was just par! Spicy and succulent prawns perfectly cooked, Prawns being my favourite, I had my nerves on this dish and it definitely turned out to be delicious. The Kaama Chicken Nanza. A layer of bread naan with enormous amount of cheese, topped with load and load of chicken, olives and adequate amount of green chutney. That’s your Indian Style Pizza and we call it as? Well you know the answer! Nanzaa!!

The Gulab Jamun Cheesecake.

Lastly , The dessert plates had some interesting as mentioned earlier this dish was the combination of exotic with Indian Dessert, The Gulab Jamun Cheesecake.


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