juss by sindhful.

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

So before I start off with the review let me enlighten you all about what 'Juss by Sindhful' speaks for, itself. According to Juss by Sindhful, ‘Juss’ depicts the natural authentic magic and love in the hand of a person cooking the meal and a glimpse of this was indeed reflected in the quality of food served here . The main idea revolving around Sindhful is to maintain and preserve the basic essence but at the same time blend it with contemporary taste so their patrons get the best of both.

A miniscule outlet but spacious enough to accommodate 15-20 in house mates ,the beautiful vintage Indian decor showcasing fine arts on the wall and kettles adorned with lights reflected off leaving a very enchanting look.

Hopping directly on to the food, we started off with PE-PE-PE which is their drink menu. From the PE-PE-PE menu we opted for The Thandai Milkshake and Kesar Lassi.

Thandai Milkshake and Kesar Lassi.

Absolutely am in love with the Thandai Milkshake and it felt so rejuvenating especially since I felt as if I was enjoying the traditional Holi thandai bringing back the vibe of Holi. However the lassi was not like the usuals. Rather quite refreshing with thin texture. Highly Recommended.

Sanna Pakoda.

From the 'Nasto' , we ordered. Sanna Pakoda which basically are Sindhi style bhajiyas garnished with finely chopped coriander, served along with green chutney. Just normal bhajiyas here, nothing to brag about.

The Sindhi Thali.

And now last but not the least , The Sindhi thali. Embraced with Sanna Pakoda, Sindhi Curry, Bhindi Basar, Aloo Raswale, Steamed Rice, Phulkas, Bhoondi Raita, Sindhi papad, gulab Jamun and Rose Sharbat. This was indeed heavenly. Highly Recommended

The staff here were really welcoming and friendly. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here. Do check this place out since they also have some interesting vegan dishes.


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