Inside Jamjar Diner. Mumbai

BBQ Chicken Burger

Ever come across an outlet or restaurant that leaves an impression simply because of the delightful ambience it holds? Well I have. There have been times when the interiors have infatuated me so much so that , given a chance I would totally bargain to have the same set up at my apartment. One such outlet I recently came across was Jam Jar Diner in Bandra. I mean, in all honestly the modern furniture , considerably massive with panels and multi purpose shelves is an ingenious idea for storage and décor. Funny how it reminded me of the famous IKEA , but a restaurant version of it , with real food. For those of ya’ll who are a bit confused, IKEA is a world famous store for furniture and décor items. Makes sense now huh? Coming back, Jam Jar diner , as amazed as I was with the ambience, the spacious seating with ample amount of day light was an added credit especially since the lighting was perfect to enhance my food shots!

English Breakfast Tea

The food was the real deal. Starting off with my ‘English Breakfast Tea’ , fancily served in a mini kettle with honey and milk, it was very pleasant especially since I also had the perfect vibe around me. Pan Tossed Chicken Sausages was a good start to the meal , the flavours of peppers, onion and chilli combined left a lovely taste on the palate. My ardent love for prawn has been showcased to everyone who follows my blog. These Garlic Prawn Pil Pil savoured with baby ‘paos’ were presented in a cute little hot pan were marvellously succulent. Popcorn Chicken has been my childhood favourite and brought back wonderful memories thanks to the authentic taste that was kept intact. Moving on, I decided to try out the BBQ Chicken Burger with good amount of cheese, onion rings and fries. The bun bread was different and complimented the chicken patty perfectly making it a fulfilling meal in itself. Lastly, the Dark Chocolate Pot De Crème is what I devoured for dessert, because my mind cannot decipher anything else once it has eyed chocolate so why not? Basically a mousse, it stood out than the regular because of the sea salt sprinkled, delicious definitely.

Dark Chocolate Pot De Crème

Mr Manoj who was at his feet, suggesting us the best on the menu and did a great job giving us a very satisfactory service. This is one of the most loveliest food outlets in Bandra if you are looking for one in terms of the ambience as well as the presentation and quality of the food. If you do plan on dropping by, I would personally suggest doing so during the day.


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