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Inside Blue's Kitchen | Bandra Pali Hill.

We Indians have our way with adding the ‘desi tadka’ to almost any kind of cuisine don’t we? I’m speaking from personal experiences. A lot of standard food brands I have had outside the country have their taste maintained in most parts round the globe so when I came back to trying out the same brands here there was a certain change in say the flavours or spices used. From Chinese to Mediterranean food we usually like to have it our way. But over the years, many of us are adapting our palate to the authenticity of a certain cuisine .


Speaking of authenticity I came across a recently revamped restaurant Blue’s Kitchen in Pali Hill, Bandra, formerly known as The Blue that has opened doors to serving only, mind you readers, ‘only’ being the key word alongside ‘authentic' Thai and Japanese cuisine with of course some decent and on point sushi. When I say authentic I mean no modifications in the flavour. How? You may ask. Well foodies, the spices and ingredients are all imported so now you know what I have been talking about. Kudos to the Head Chef Kanokwan Loima, a Thai national and her team for strictly ensuring and maintaining the originality of the cuisine which is what we as patrons enjoy.

Business tycoon Mr Deepak Jindal is the man behind Blue’s Kitchen, remodelling it from the interiors to the exclusive menu ,incorporating years of experience and his wife’s vision, Chef Loima, of bringing Thai and Japanese cuisine to Mumbai. The place, managed by their daughter Ms Twinkle, has just turned a month old and is already in full swing with people from different places dropping by to pamper their palate with some mind blowing flavours.

The Blue Sushi

Digging straight into the menu we began with the appetisers trying out their infamous Crunchy Tempura prawns served with plain, wasabi or spicy sauce that they claim to be one of their most liked dishes. I agree. The Thai Chicken Lemongrass was one of the best I have had so far, crispy and hot served with a tangy in-house sauce. Lovely combo I must add. The blue sushi was yet another delight to the palate and is something I would highly recommend. If you’re looking to compliment the food with some beverages then you must try out their Thai Cold Coffee and definitely the Thai Butterfly Pea juice which was a complete refresher!

Tempura Prawns

In the mains Pad Thai noodle with prawn is a dish I can never resist relishing. It’s as if the hot wok, fistfuls of wide noodles dance alongside the crunchy veggies, finely ground peanuts and of course my favourite the prawns. While noodle dishes like the Pad Thai noodles are common in the Thai cuisine most of the main course dishes are stir fried, grilled and served with rice. You know what I like a lot about Thai meals being an Indian is that their dishes are typically served family style where you can share the entrees like the curry or soup. The Japanese curry with Chicken Katsu we were served here is a unique dish I haven’t come across before, having pieces of fried chicken that somehow brought in nostalgia from the aroma, the presentation to the taste. Everything was just on point and lovely. For dessert, Ms Twinkle suggested the Water Chestnut in Thai Coconut milk a  dessert that is a signature and Thai speciality of Chef Loima originating from her Thai roots.What can I say? I was blown away by its simplicity yet intricacy in the flavours.

To summarise my experience here, I had a marvellous and rejuvenating time at the Blue’s Kitchen and can for sure say that the outlet is one of a kind. The quintessential Thai aroma, blend of the original spices to create such beautiful dishes is something every foodie out there must experience at Blue’s Kitchen, Bandra.

Adios for now!