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The Bar at Autumn Bistro and Bar

They say in order to stand out from the crowd you need to be different. Autumn Bistro and Bar is setting a perfect example for this thought which is why despite a surge in restaurants in Veera Desai road this Bistro and Bar truly stands out and captures people's attention. A well lit stunning interior, surrounded by tables and chairs of different heights with the Dj placed right at the entrance entertaining their patrons with the melodic tone of rich music, this Bistro and Bar is available with both indoor as well as outdoor seating.

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Strawberry Mojito

Chef Mr. Aheshan has curated a modern day menu, with the amalgamation of cuisines available from different corners of the world giving a perfect balance to the menu. “ All our ingredients are made in house giving the dishes a natural flavour, thereby avoiding the addition of additives, colour or preservatives” said chef Aheshan. So without any further delays lets talk about the food we had! Chicken Drumettes, which was a chicken wings tossed with choice of szechuan, siriracha, and peri peri sauce elevated the simplicity of chicken wings, giving one more reason to order chicken wings!

The other appetizers from the menu was the Char Grilled Chicken Skewers, a great combination of chicken with chilli pimentos salad and tomato salsa.

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Char Grilled Chicken Skewer

Moving on further to the next appetiser, Salt and Pepper Prawns, one thing about the prawns is that they can never go wrong. Crispy tempura prawns tossed with garlic pepper and spring onions future cooked with veggies was just finger licking good!

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The Salt and Pepper Prawns

The Thai style chicken dumplings on sugarcane was the personal favourite from the appetizer menu. These weren’t the usual dumplings but the kind of kebabs infused with lemongrass presented in a drumstick form with the stick made from sugarcane and served along with spiced chilli dip. Definitely a must try!

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The Thai Style Chicken Dumplings

Lastly we ordered, The Pad Thai Noodles, knife cut noodles tossed with chicken chunks and veggies,tossed with loads and loads of dried peanuts further garnish with sprouts, finely chopped spring onions and carrot. This dish did not fail to impress me, listed in few on my favourite dish.

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The Pad Thai Noodle

Belgian chocolate pastry from the dessert section was an absolute delight, to end a perfect meal with. The staff at Autumn Bar and Bistro were truly helpful making us feel at home. To sum it up, good food, perfect ambience and an excellent place to visit!


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