Food Darzee, The Ketogenic Diet.

A high fat, low carbohydrates and adequate amount of protein is what constitutes a Ketogenic diet, precisely keto diet as we all know it as. 

Speaking of a Ketogenic diet there’s an outlet named The Food Darzee which is excellently doing their job in serving the same. Having specialised in keto diet and promote healthy eating among a lot of their clients aiming towards health and fitness, Food Darzee offers to you nutritious food tailored to your exact need and delivered right at your door step.

A ten days subscription based diet service, by Food Darzee was worth experiencing. With the sedentary lifestyle somewhere most of us don’t realise the benefits of a proper diet and only focus blindly on cutting down food from our meals .Food Darzee is the solution to beginning a good diet!

First of all I must say, how amazed I was with the deliverable, with packaging on point.

My experience with Food Darzee was nothing more than an adventure. To begin with, when I started it off I did not expect the food to be so relishing and at the same time healthy. Though I did feel a little bit of fatigue and headaches initially but then as Dr Siddhant said, that was pretty normal to happen. Eventually I did enjoy their meals and at the end of the day what matters is some delicious healthy food and that is what Food Darzee stands for.

For more Detail, you can contact on.

+91 9833685743

Dr. Siddhant Bhargava.


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