Dishkiyaaon! Dishkiyaaon! Dishkiyaaon!

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

On the ground floor of ‘Capital Building’ Dishkiyaaon, has a perfect location in the heart of BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex). “Being a 90’s kid one is quite  aware of the sound Dishkiyaaon!. Which not only reminds us of the typical ‘Police Game’ of that period, but also brings back a lot of memories of the golden Era of Bollywood. Everything about that Era was  wonderful and extraordinarily unique and so is the theme behind Dishkiyoon’, says Chef Sunny Punjabi at Dishkiyaaon.

With upside down lampshades at the entrance and a huge umbrella and kites hanging everywhere, to a bathtub running with water and an enormous London Telephone Booth, one gets to witness the artistic decor of this Bollywood based Restro.Topping it all is the Music! Honestly the playlist they have in the house is astonishing. After all, good food and good music is what we all look for. 

The staff welcomed us with refreshing Mocktails, however the service was quite on the slower side. The Mocktails named, Tropical Fizz and Mango Delight got their place on our table and was ready to appease our thirst.

The Tropical Fizz.

The Tropical fizz, was the concoction of pineapple juice with the passion fruit syrup and watermelon juice, enhances the Mocktail and became one of my favourite drink here.

Mango Delight.

Mango Delight, the very name capture the lusciousness of mango juice. Further added with fresh cream and crushed Strawberry was certainly not worth the expectation, but an adequate mocktail to rejoice in the flavour of Mango juice.

Chicken Tikka Fattoush Salad.

Moving further, the Chicken tikka Fattoush Salad, the Punjabi Tacos and the Tandoori Chicken Kulcha Slider were a  part of our appetite from the small bite menu.

The Chicken Tikka Fattoush Salad: I absolutely fell in love with this one, never thought that the combination of iceberg, chicken tikka with cumin lemon vinegratte and crispy pita would end up making such a wonderful dish which is not only scrumptious but indeed very healthy at the end. This one is obviously a highly recommended dish.

The Punjabi Tacos, Tacos stuffed with Amritsar chana (grams) with lettuce, mint, coriander chutney, onion and tomatoes, tastes somewhat kind of authentic punjabi sheev puri but never the less a Bhangra for all those Punjabis there.

Tandoori Chicken Kulcha Sliders.

And last but not the last was the Tandoori Chicken Kulcha Sliders, chicken tikka with lababdar mayo, and cheese further stuffed with grilled onion and mint mayo again a highly recommended dish here.

Semolina Crusted Malabar Fish.

The main course we had here was the Semolina Crusted Malabar Fish, and honestly this dish was not in comparison with any of the appetizers mentioned above. The cuisine was the pan grilled semolina crusted malabar spiced grilled fish with lentil and coconut risotto.

And lastly for the sweet tooth, Chocolate Lasagne (egg less) and Oreo Pie Makeover were the part of our table.

Chocolate Lasagne.

Chocolate Lasagne, chocolate sheet layered with Nutella cream cheese and peanut butter, further garnished with chocolate syrup, full marks to the creativity there, absolute luscious and a excellent dish and the end.

Oreo pie Makeover.

Oreo Pie Makeover, an oreo macroon in simple term, again a good dish here.


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