Cutting Chai.

Kullad Chai

What do you infer from the word Cutting chai? Let me rephrase myself. What is it that comes to your mind as soon as you think of cutting chai? Well it reminds me of my city, the city that never sleeps, the city that never stops and the city of dreams, Mumbai. 

Cutting Chai

Cutting Chai has an aura of its own and is most enjoyable at the typical 'tapri' . Well if you are a Mumbaikar this word is definitely not foreign to you. A tapri is basically a miniscule tea stall that is on the go throughout the day flooded by students, corporate individuals or just people who enjoy a nice, refreshing and energizing tea. Known for its intriguing flavour , the 'tapri Wala bhai' who runs the stall prepares the cutting chai using the age old method of boiling and pouring out the well cooked tea into small cutting chai glasses and this is what makes the kind of tea stand out from any of the modernized teas we have available.

Cutting Chai

With the weather being so perfect these days, pakodas with cutting chai is the best combo meal one can demand for.


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