Chocolate Heaven, Mumbai.

Interior at Borivali Outlet.

Ever wondered where would you be able to access pancakes, waffles, milkshakes , freakshakes , sundaes , smoothies and all your favorite dessert delicacies under one roof? Sounds a bit surreal doesn’t it! Well fellas let me break it to you that there is a place that gives you all of these and even more! Having opened 3 outlets all over Mumbai, Chocolate Heaven is India’s ultimate chocolate café that serves almost every dessert you could possibly think of.If you are a chocolate lover, then buck up for a chocolatey ride.

Classic Mojito

As soon as I stepped foot in Chocolate Heaven , I was instantly reminded of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It was no less than a dream land having candies ,lollies on one side of the outlet also showcasing some delectable cupcakes and pastries. On the other hand they actually had ‘Swings and Tables’ instead of the usual seating which for me was extremely exciting. They say we all have a kid inside of us no matter how old we get. Well I guess that explains all enthusiasm that kicked in. After pondering and drooling over this dreamy ambience we finally decided to hit the menu. (Mahim Outlet).

Classic Blooming bread

It was a task getting to order just a few things since their menu literally had a manifold of delicious dishes. After a lot of contemplation we tried out their Classic Blooming bread which basically was a loaf of bread stuffed with veggies , garlic butter and humongous amounts of cheese! A classic and hands-down the best.

Mexican tartlets

Their miniature Vegetable tartlets were the cutest and quite a relish. Mac and Cheese is my all time go to and God! Did is taste so finger lickin’ amazing. Pasta on pizza did not sound appealing to me until I tried out their Pizza Arrabiata which was mind blowing in all honesty.

Mac and Cheese

Where’s the part where we had chocolate? Here goes, starting off with their pancakes which I personally can never get bored of is their Double Delight Pancake that you might consider having because, mind you it is quite a tummy filling dessert all by itself. Their Brownie Freak shake was no less than a ‘show stopper’ that had all the chocolatey elements and some nuttiness to enhance its flavor and look of course! Heads up to anyone who manages to finish the entire thing up. Challenge yourself! It’s super fun.

Brownie Mud Pot.

This outlet is indeed the ultimate chocolate café where you can hang around with friends or family and also enjoy the best of the best food and service thanks to their staff . Without a doubt this is now one of the few outlets I would drop by anytime because hey! I myself am a huge chocolate lover! Are you up with me?

Chocolate Mud Pot.


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