China house lounge brings a Slice of China In mumbai.

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

China house lounge is yet another a marvellous location, located in the grand property of Grand Hyatt. This place is an entire story book of its own and everything about it is so astonishing and galvanising. China house lounge is probably the only lounge in Mumbai which is entirely dedicated to Johnnie Walker, a brand of scotch and whiskey that was emanated in the Scottish town of Kilmornock, Scotland. The main theme of the outlet revolves, around the golden Era of the ancient Chinese History, which was also the epoch of Prohibition. The entire Era is perfectly ventilated in their ambiance and their food. Everything has it own unique story.

With the beautiful ancient Chinese coins adorned on the entrance that symbolize love and appreciation with which the outlet welcomes you through a huge an marvellous entrance door, which reminds you of the Great Wall of China.

China house lounge being the only lounge that is dedicated to Johnnie Walker, the ambiance of the outlet revolves around the same as well. With a huge and spectacular statue of Johnnie Walker located right after the entrance gate, the outlet has also divided their ambiance in the name of Johnnie Walker sections which include, Johnnie walker 1, Johnnie Walker 2, and Johnnie Walker 3, each section being spacious enough to accommodate around 5-6 people. Lit with beautiful dim lighting, China House lounge also has a wonderful bar located right at the centre and a bar table area as well, which further turns into the dance floor post 10pm.

Having an interesting and unique story of the Prohibition Era which was also known as ‘No Alcohol Era', the eight signature Cocktails are the highlights of China House Lounge and this is the only reason why the lounge serves their cocktail in a very creative and decoratively covered manner.

To start off with the first one was,

The Karate Master.

The karate Master is a combination of White Rum, Vinegar, sesame oil and pine apple juice. The cocktail is covered in a sac pouch with the ribbon tied around, depicting the karate uniform of the Master. So the story here is, back in the Era, this legend had mastered in Karate in Ryukyu Kingdom. He was very fond of this Rum based Cocktail but because of the Prohibition Era, he used to cover his drink in a sac and tie it around his waist. The movie Drunken Master is the perfect example and rather a good depiction of this legend.

Next on to the list is,


Guava juice blended with chatka masala and further with Gin. The story behind this is that , “ Long Long ago, back in the prohibition Era once a Chinese Businessman had visited in India particularly in Maharashtra for some business work . This man was given hospitality in a Maharastrian house where the lady was dressed in a traditional Navari Saari ( Indian brand of Saaris). And since it was the period of prohibition Era the man came up with the idea of hiding his favourite Gin based alcohol in a saree and hence the name ‘NAVARI’.

Wok Fried with Rice and Chicken.

Wok fried chicken, furthering tossed with black pepper and Vegetables. An adequate Chinese dish.Moving on the desserts.

The Tiramisu Cones.

Never wondered a Tiramisu could be served in this way. Hats off to the creativity and out of box thinking of Chef Vivek here, who handles the entire desserts section of the lounge. Tiramisu stuffed in cone waffle, with the tube filled with coffee syrup on top was indeed a dish to be cherished.

Overall, words fall short for describing this place. One needs to experience the beauty of it.


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