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Budapest Bakehouse | King of Chimney Cones | Mumbai.

Month end’s aren’t my favourite part of a umm... the month per say? Personally when you know you weren’t on you best ‘saving a penny’ mode throughout the 4 week period it’s all the more stressful. Nevertheless there isn’t anything or any problem that can stop me from satisfying my food cravings and that is a habit I haven’t tried to tackle either. So they other day I was out with my friend ransacking our brains, trying to find out a good outlet to enjoy at in Bandra. If you have been to Bandra then you know every other lane is like an avenue of restaurants and with so many nearby options you’re often confused where to go and what to try. I’m sure most of ya’ll can relate. After a lot of contemplation we decided to walk around the place and happened to come across the Budapest Bakehouse.

The Budapest Bakehouse is minuscule dessert parlour that has opened doors across Mumbai, known for its sweet and savoury baked cones. They have a good number of assorted cones in both sweet and savoury flavours and also serve shakes and beverages in a variety of flavours. Indulging into their savoury cones, you can try out their array of cones that range from Mughlai, Oriental and Mexican offered at their best affordable prices hence attracting a lot of the younger college crowd with of course the corporate crowd as well. The outlet usually comes up with new ventures in their already varied menu. I literally just walked into the place and loved their concept.

Since I have been here quite a couple of times, I have so far loved their Butter Chicken Cone and the Spicy Italian cone. Alongside I have also had the oriental chicken cone and Mama’s chicken mayo. As small as they might seem to ya’ll in pictures, just they are mighty tummy filling just at once. The butter chicken cone has been my all time favourite. The hot gravy with chunks of chicken sooth your taste buds especially since the crisp-soft cones go so well with the filling. If you claim to have a good spice tolerance then Spicy Italian is a definite go to!

For dessert the Red Velvet cone, a newbie on the menu is a must try. I have tried almost all the desserts here by now and regardless to say they're worth every bite. 

Well all's well that end's well huh? Grab your favorite cone at your nearest Budapest and enjoy

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