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Because it's Lilt

Lower Parel never fails to surprise me. It feels as if every month the place launches a remarkably fabulous restaurant and who on planet earth doesn’t want their weekend to be, umm what do the millennial's call it? Oh ya LIT! ‘’Let’s go over to some LIT restaurant and have something LIT’’ exclaimed my enthusiastic friend while we were shopping around in Lower Parel. I had come across a place named Lilt in the same area and since it was the first pop up in my head we wasted no time in getting there.

I should be used to the fact that the fine dine restaurants here are beyond elegant and classy. Stepping into Lilt I noticed how intricate and lovely the ambiance looked. Pretty sure the place is ‘lit’ during the evening hours. The walls were adorned with geometric string art refreshing some good old Math Lab days. So I was busy admiring the interiors when rotating wall shelves in the bar area caught my attention. The entire wall looked exclusively beautiful and mesmerizing. Comprising of Asian, Chinese, Burmese and Thai cuisine, Lilt is wonderfully furnished with an ample amount of seating and an interior worth the praise.


Starting off with refreshing mocktails, we ordered for Pombay consisting of pomegranate and gingerale along with Sunrise which had pineapple blended with cardamom, litchi and some Indian spice. For starters the Kashmiri Chilli Chicken turned out to be even better than I’d expected. That’s what you call a signature dish. Highly recommended from me. The Prawn Tempura was my favourite too. An exclusive and unique dish that I found here was the Steamed Meat Ball and Blue rice dim sum with a caterpillar-like or rather a sponge ball like appearance that made it so delightful. Lately dim sums have become my new found love so I had to order these Lemon Grass Chicken dim sums that I enjoyed relishing.

Lemon grass dim sum

Steamed Meat Ball dim sum


For the main course, Mr Alyster recommended the Burmese Pot Chicken that basically is a noodle dish with delicately spiced coconut milk sauce served with an array of different toppings. Let me tell ya’ll this is a main course dish to be definitely savored thanks to it amazing flavors that takes it to a whole new level. Kudos to the chef for serving us the best! Lastly for dessert and my favorite part of every meal, we had the Chocolate Salted Almond Praline Piramide, a dark chocolate pyramid and sea mousse cake served with hot fudge. It definitely was a perfect end to our lunch.

Burmese Pot Chicken with choice of toppings

Chocolate Pyramid with hot fudge

Lilt is the perfect place to enjoy not only some good food but also a marvelous ambiance considering it is a newbie in town. Kudos to the chef and the staff here. Mr Alyster was at our service from the beginning and made our experience a memorable one!