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‘Lord of the Drinks’ , a mighty and ravishing name in itself , is an outlet located at the Veera Desai area of Mumbai serving its patrons extravagant drinks ranging from some of their best Margaritas, Classic Signature Cocktails, Sparkling Cocktails, Beer in multiple categories along with Whisky which includes some of their best American and Irish brands and not to forget imported Vodka, shots, wines with the list getting bigger and bigger. Their exclusive bar menu which gives customers a variety of drinks to choose from , is what makes them stand out.

Covering a massive space of two floors this is the perfect Party-going place you can drop by,especially since they also organize splendid party nights with well known faces making appearances. With an incomparable dining experience, the outlet has an array of lip smacking food covering continental and Indian cuisine from the starters to the mains. The bar section located on the lower ground has a very classical and elegant look even during the day with dim and mediocre shimmery lights complimenting the funky cutlery they serve. To start off with , we tried some of their recommended Mocktails, Melon Cooler, a perfect mocktail to quench your thirst, this watermelon mocktail consisted of kaffir lime, sweet and sour mixed and topped with flavored soda. A must try!

Melon Cooler

Moving onto the small plates Chicken Tikka Bruschetta with mint dust, I had for the first time and I was delighted indeed. Smoked chicken tikka was served on crispy French crostini and bell peppers topped with mint dust. Adequately spicy and in perfect quantity.

Chicken Tikka Bruschetta with mint dust

Ginger Fiery Chicken Balls, Thai spiked chicken first gets you the impression of coconut. Well this was no different but served with house strings and peanut sambal.

Ginger Fiery Chicken Balls

Golden Crispy Prawns, the best of prawns I have had in town. I would recommend this dish to everyone visiting this outlet. Tempura King prawns covered in crisp batter and tossed in wok with chilli sauce. Mind blowing appetizer. Kudos to the chef for this!

Golden Crispy Prawns

Among the variety of Dim sum we tried out the Basil Prawn Sumai. Similar to Sushi , this tasted marvelous too.Sphagetti Aglio E olio with chicken chunks and veggies such as broccoli, bell peppers served with garlic crostini was finger lickin’good. Thoroughly enjoyed this dish too.

Basil Prawn Sumai

Lastly for dessert we had, Malpua Lasagne With French toast.

For those of you who haven’t had malpua in any modified way then here it is. This was probably the first time I’ve had such a classic malpua dessert that consisted of Dalchini malpua layers topped with cream cheese rabri and kiwi cubes and the French baguette toast that won my heart completely! Highly recommend this dish. Such creativity I must say.

Malpua Lasagne With French toast.

Chocolate Terrine, this consisted of chocolate prune pistachio terrine, orange discs, prune and carom seed chutney. This dessert was much more on the sweeter side thought but for chocolate lovers out there this is something new to try!

Chocolate Terrine

They also serve Pizzas, Pastas, Mains of Indian and European cuisine. The service was quick and satisfactory. We were super delighted with the food and staff who made sure to serve us their best. A highly recommended outlet!

Phone number

022 33716064 Table booking recommended.


Finger Food, Continental, European, Chinese, North Indian, Italian.

Average Cost 

1,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol Exclusive of applicable taxes and charges.

Opening hours

 5 PM to 1 AM.


Ground Floor, Aver House, New Link Road, Veera Desai Area, Mumbai Veera Desai Area.

More Info

Full Bar Available


Valet Parking Available

Smoking Area

Outdoor Seating


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